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Borehole Drilling for Ground Source Heat Pumps and Full Heat Pump Installations

Onsen Energy specialises in providing projects large and small with geothermal borehole drilling and loop installation, headerworks, energy consultations, and the installation of new ground source heating systems.

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Borehole Drilling and GSHP Installation Experts


How Can We Support Your Project or Improve Your Home?

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Borehole Drilling and Headerworks

As a specialist subcontractor working alongside installers, consultants and for domestic clients, Onsen Energy delivers a complete turn-key service: explore our services offering borehole drilling and headerworks - including glycol fill-up.

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Ground Source Heat Pump System Installation

Onsen Energy has over a decade of experience installing GSHP systems: as well as drilling & headerwork, we can deliver the heat-pump install and plumbing - everything up to the termination points in the building. Our installation services guarantee a seamless and timely transition to a greener energy system for your home, or your construction project.

We’re a friendly bunch

👷 Meet the team

Behind every project is our brilliant team of specialists - leading them is our Company Director, Gareth Berry, council member of the Ground Source Heat Pump Association (GSHPA) alongside engineers and drilling specialists. We're always eager to talk about any potential GSHP projects, if you'd just like some advice or have questions you'd like answered, do get in touch.

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Gareth Berry
Managing Director
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Ian Irish
Operations Director
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Dylan Burns
Drilling Manager
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Jade Bigrave
Heating Engineer
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Matt Smythe
Heating Engineer
Borehole Drilling and GSHP Installation Experts

Types of Projects

Where we’ve used our expertise to deliver borehole drilling and GSHP installation to the highest standards across all types of projects.

Commercial Buildings

Commercial GSHP systems can provide ambient heating, heating and cooling - or even industrial process heat - we work on commercial sites of all scales to deliver GSHP installation requirements as per the project design.

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Public Sector

From Educational sector, to Hospitals and Police Stations, we're able to deliver a large scale GSHP solution to meet the heating and cooling needs of the site.

Large Residential

Networked Ground Source Heat Pump systems are perfect for large residential buildings and apartments: our rigs and team are experienced in working at scale to drill for these larger, networked heating and cooling systems.

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Small Residential

We take on smaller residential projects for domestic customers looking for a greener and more efficient way to heat their homes, taking care to cause minimal disruption to our client’s properties via efficient waste management and mud-recycling.

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Our Approach

Design & Feasibility

All potential projects begin with a site visit to conduct a feasibility study and perform a high level risk assessment: we are RECC and SMAS certified. We assess the feasibility of our rig's access to the site and evaluate any conditions that will need to be taken into account with the borehole loop design. If required we then move to a heat loss assessment.


High quality and well maintained equipment ensure the drilling phase is readied for success. All equipment and rigs are owned in house - we conduct daily and weekly checks as routine, with a specialist’s assessment at every 500 hours of use. We pride ourselves on ensuring that we cause minimal disruption to our clients and sites.


We are one of the few installers in the UK to offer a comprehensive drilling service - complete with headerworks and glycol fill-up.

Heat pump installation

Onsen Energy can deliver the heat-pump install and plumbing - everything up to the termination points in the building with minimal disruption.

Interested in GSHP with Onsen?

Where to start

In a short 10 minute phone call we can understand what you are hoping to achieve, guide you through what needs to happen and how we can help - we look forward to speaking with you.

Book a Consultation Call

Whatever your experience or knowledge of geothermal energy, a consultation call will help us understand your goals, your timeline and your budget.

Initial Proposal

We’ll send over a proposal with all the project details for your review.

Arrange a Site Visit

If you would like to progress following the initial proposal, we'll perform an onsite visit, complete associated design work and finalise the proposal. 



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Ground Source Heat Pump full system installers from homes to large projects.

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