Leading innovation in the renewable energy sector.

Our Story

High quality workmanship; passionate professionals 

We began with a simple mission: to be the UK's most sought-after borehole and GSHP installation specialists, delivering a gold-standard, industry-best-practice service.

Our team has over a decade of experience in borehole drilling and specialises in vertically drilled borehole solutions and heat pump installations. We also subcontract these services to some of the leading ground source heating system installers and designers.

We believe in the quality of our delivery and in earning clients' trust with transparency and reliability: we deliver what we say we'll do. We operate using the most up-to-date equipment and work with designers with over 20 years of experience in ground-source heating design.

Our Company Director is on the Ground Source Heat Pump Association's council, and we're committed to supporting the understanding and utilisation of this green energy solution. Our experience and passion for renewable energy have already seen us support some of the leading consultants in the UK's renewable energy sector.

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Our Work in Numbers

Although the service and outcomes we deliver for our clients are more than numbers to us, we pride ourselves on the impact our work has had on multiple projects nationwide.

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Our values

Borehole Drilling and GSHP Installation Experts with Purpose

Methodical, planned and organised borehole drilling team with a focus on delivering a high-quality service.

Professional and Passionate

Working with us you can expect a passionate, highly skilled and knowledgeable team, experts in their respective fields; the highest standard of workmanship.

Expert Support

We’re a team that understands all facets of the Ground Source Heat Pump Installation - from boreholes to headerworks, glycol fill-up to heat pump installation. We keep ourselves in tune with the latest information, and we’re on hand to provide all the support you need.

A Brighter Future

Our team is passionate about the future of renewable energy and believes we’re all custodians of the environment. We’re committed to delivering one of the most eco-friendly ground source heating systems available.

Partners and Certifications

We’re Council members of the Ground Source Heat Pump Association and work hand-in-hand with the UK’s leading Ground Source Heat Pump design team - Genius Energy Lab.

We are a friendly bunch

Our Team

Experts in our respective fields and here to help with any questions.

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Gareth Berry
Managing Director
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Ian Irish
Operations Director
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Dylan Burns
Drilling Manager
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Jade Bigrave
Heating Engineer
Team image of an engineer
Matt Smythe
Heating Engineer
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