32 Zero Carbon 'In Use' Homes with Ground Source Heat Pumps in Lewes

Discover 32 net-zero carbon homes in Lewes powered by ground-source heat pumps. Built by Boutique Modern and Kensa Contracting for Raven Housing Trust, pioneering sustainable living.

Services Provided

Onsen Energy delivered a 15-borehole project on multiple shared arrays to support ground source heat pump installations, providing the buildings with heating and hot water, for the new build development of 32 homes from the construction and modular manufacturing company Boutique Modern and delivered by Kensa Contracting.

Project Details

This is a net zero carbon in-use development for Raven Housing Trust of one-, two- and three-bedroom homes for affordable rent and shared ownership in Lewes, East Sussex. The modules have been built in Boutique Modern's factory in Newhaven and then delivered to the site, where they will be craned into position to form the homes, and the final external insulation and finishes will be applied. This will significantly reduce construction waste and support the project's sustainability goals alongside the Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) array as the renewable energy source.

Project outcomes

GSHP technology provides a decarbonised system that will deliver tangible benefits for the new residents - in energy savings and security- and contribute to the broader net-zero ambition. The networked array of boreholes offers multiple dwellings access to a green, efficient and secure year-round energy source - with much cheaper energy bills for the residents.

Quote from Onsen Energy about the project
"We're delighted to have helped facilitate the inclusion of Ground Source Heat Pumps into a brilliant and innovative new build housing development. It's exciting to see the momentum in GSHP technology grow and work with some excellent partners to create a housing development that showcases what is possible from a sustainability and renewable energy perspective in newly built homes."

Quote from Boutique Modern about the project
"It has been great having Onsen Energy working with us on this project to provide a carbon-zero heat source and to reduce the running costs of these homes. Onsen are experts on the provision of this technology, and it was great to have them undertake the work."

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